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System for Award Management - SAM

A registration within (System for Award Management) is required in order to receive Federal Funds for Contracting work or Grants from the United States government.

A registration is required for any business, organization, or agency that is eligible to, or plans to, receive payments from the federal government. In order to qualify for federal contracts or grants, a fully accurate, and compliant SAM registration is required. 

More importantly, if you have already completed a government contract or have been awarded a grant, an up-to-date SAM registration is required in order for you to receive payment.

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Why Work With the Federal Government?

The United States Federal Government is dependent on contractors, both large and small, to provide high quality goods and services of all kinds. Small businesses are vital to this in all industries, from paper to concrete to web development. In addition to providing diversity in the marketplace, small businesses help to keep costs down and taxes low, as without them large, inefficient corporations would monopolize federal contracts.


The total timeline for typical SAM Registration (with no delays) can take anywhere from 30 to 40 days

Registration Process

EIN Number

It is required to have a EIN number (a unique number provided by Internal revenue department  free of charge to businesses looking to work with the Federal Government.

After you have received your DUNS number, FAMR will review your business information to ensure your submission is prepared for the Registration in it's entirety.

Upon submission, your account will not be active until it has been reviewed by the IRS and the DLA. After this process, your submission may take up to a couple of weeks to become active in the system.

Verification of Information


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SAM Help is an independent consulting firm specializing in the process and submission of federal certifications.

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